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  1. Laddie Watson said:

    Cathy has so much to teach all of us. I feel so fortunate to know this glorious human being and her lovely wife Linda.

  2. Cherie Felsch said:

    What an awesome blog Cathy, your messages are so heart felt and inspiring to others. Take care and I’ll talk with you soon.

  3. Joanne Moylan-Aube said:

    wow…just googled you and am laughing and crying over your skydive! Also loved the interview with the DHS kids, many of whom I know.
    I teachPsych of Death and Dying at Sac City College and would be more than honored to have you speak to my class. I have hesitated for a few years so as “not to bother you” but I should let you be in charge. I worry that you are not able to muster up the strength but perhaps you are still able and willing. Your message is profound. You are still so alive! My two sections of 50 each meet M or W 10:30 and noon.
    I wait to hear from you. If not, all the light and love. blessings dear Cathy. I miss you at the COOP.

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