The following are a random mish-mash of photos of Cathy on her journey! Enjoy!  (New Photos will be added at the top)

Linde Lou Who with Mazie the Monkey faced girl

Linda and Mazie snuggle for nap time!

Our beloved Bellie and I hiking around Cleone Lake north of Fort Bragg 3 years before ALS diagnosis in 2009

My loving wife Linda dn Dad at hospital 4 months before brother Larry was diagnose wiht ALS in 2008

Appreciaitng the view of Mt shasta and the sky 2 years before ALS diagnosis

sister Peg, Me, Bellie, wvisitng Dad in hospiatl four months before Larry's ALs diagnosis in 2008. Dad is okay now...

Bike rdiding wiht our beloved Bellie 3 years before ALS diagnosis

Running and pushing our beloved Bellie up hill near south lake tahoe, one year before ALs diagnosis

Cathy and our beloved Bellie climbing toward the sky 2 years before ALS diagnosis

Northern Cal Sunset by Linda

Duval Speck performing on July 31 2010 in Davis at Central Park for Disability Pride Day!

Crescent city , Ca April 2010 Lindy Lou Hooterville, Some Cripple Grrl they found on the path, and Dr Blanchie Simon

Duval Speck performing Aug 6th 2010 at the fabulous Barnyard Theatre. It really is a barn, so it didn't matter that I (Cathy) hadn't showered in three days. Showering is hard work!

Me with Holly Eimer owner of Holly's Place in south Lake Tahoe, an oasis of love and dog-friendly cabins and grounds. And of course, our loving pups. This was in July 2010. Holly's Place is the BEST. Mention that "Duval Speck" sent you and you'll get 10 % off the cost of your stay. <>

Me with Holly Eimer owner of Holly’s Place in south Lake Tahoe, an oasis of love and dog-friendly cabins and grounds. And of course, our loving pups. This was in July 2010. Holly’s Place is the BEST. Mention that “Duval Speck” sent you and you’ll get 10 % off the cost of your stay. <>>

Me "showing off" our trophies fro the ALSSAC Walakthon last October

Top photo: Me, and my 6 ft tall niece Erin Grady who is also my goddaughter, at Maple Pavillion for her first college basketball game. She plays for UCSD. Basketball was my favorite sport and I played from 5th grade through college, and later coached at the high schools. Bottom photo: Me and my wife Linda preparing to go on a whale watching trip in Hawaii Dec 2009.

Me on a chilly winter's night Feb. 2010 enjoying the company of lifelong friends Elaine Talley, Jennifer Terra, and my youngest sister, Mary Speck.

A collage of me during 2010 at various events, including speaking to Emerson Jr. High School (Davis)students about ALS, death & dying and living fully.

Married again for the umpteenth time!

Yolo County Gay Pride Day, June 2001


Baby Cathy and Dorothy her mom

Hanging safely with the Davis Food Coop peeps!

Toiletten Queen revels at the Temple. Davis Farmers Market, 24 April 2010

Day before the big jump. Gotta feel safe with Storm Troopers at a Farmer's Market!

Speck Family gathering Fall 2009

ALS walkathong Oct 2009

Blanche and Cathy Bodega Bay 2009

You wanna know what Speck would do? Join the blong!

Cathy’s already a pop icon!

Step aside Warhol!

Davis Food Co-op Holiday Party with Duval Speck performing, 2009.

Duval Speck performs for the Davis Co-op's Holiday Party Dec. 2009

Cathy in her mom's Navy uniform

Cathy and Daniel Kimmel-Terra at the Davis Co-op Holiday party

Cathy gave a presentation on ALS at Emerson Jr. High in the fall of 2009. She was well received!

Cathy getting ahug from a student at Emerson Jr. HIgh. Cathy gave a talk on ALS to the students, fall 2009.

Cathy gets a hug from a Emerson Jr. High Peer Helper

Cathy, her fab bikie and her sister Peggy and Daniel Kimmel-Terra 2009

Cathy sings!

Fan Fotoz

Artists know a star when they see one!

Somebody get me some water!

Yeah, that's right. I'm a hero!

Cathy the Safety and Co-op Queen

You know I love me some Cathy Speck.

Groove it Girl!

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  1. LKM Host Sez;

    The dude with the tats KICKS ASS!

  2. Hey you guys! Where’s Cathy’s skydive pictures? For those that don’t know – Cathy & many,many of her brave friends made their first tandem skydives yesterday,April 25,2010! Cathy is one of the best! There’s a great video & lots of still pictures …hopefully they will show up real soon!
    Blue Skies,

  3. Hold your jump suit on–I was with her that day and just got back to put them up–keep looking to the skies and pix on the way…

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