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Hiya lovely Blong Peeps ! It’s that time of year again. Really , again ? Yup ! This is our 7th Annual ALS Skydiving event. Our first was at the end of April in 2010 when Mazie had just joined our family. She weighed only nine pounds and was super mellow. She had been traumatized before we rescued her.
Ennyhoo, here’s the deal-leo:

Look ! Up in the Sky ! Way up in the Sky ! It looks like just a speck, but…it’s actually the SPECKtacular Skydiving for ALS Challenge Saturday May 14, 2016, 10 am to 2 pm at Skydance Skydiving – the best Skydiving experience in California !

“You can jump out of a plane or make a donation to ALS TDI ! You choose ! Challenge your friends- the more people who jump, the cheaper it is ! ( Look for a “Groupon” too ! )
And yes, you can skydive AND make a donation.

It’s fabulously fun and free to watch. Some beverages and snacks will be available, but you can bring your own ice chest and beach chairs to get up close to the landing area. Come celebrate Life with us ! Cathy Speck jumped – so can you !

Call or email Skydance ASAP to reserve your spot in the plane: 530-753- 2651
Website is: http://tandemskydivingschool.com/?page_id=15

SkyDance SkyDiving is at the Yolo County Airport 24390 Aviation Ave Davis, Ca 95616

Look for an update about our awesome “SPECKtacular Skydiving for ALS ” T- shirts !

Text Cathy Speck at 310-508-7401 or email speckduval@gmail.com

You don’t have to attend to make a donation, but we’d love to hang out with you ! DONATE today or for more info about ALS TDI go to:

What and who is ALS TDI ? Well, take a peek at this : www.als.net

Stephen Heywood was diagnosed with ALS at age 29. After finding no treatment options, his brother, James Allen Heywood, realized that a gap existed in the preclinical development of therapeutics for ALS. In 1999, he founded the ALS Therapy Development Institute in the basement of his family’s Newton, MA home to bring effective treatments to people living with ALS as quickly as possible. Although Stephen is no longer with us, this same sense of hope and family drives every decision made at the Institute today.

Our Mission
The ALS Therapy Development Institute and its scientists actively discover and develop treatments for ALS. We are the world’s first and largest nonprofit biotech focused 100 percent on ALS research. Led by people living with ALS and their families, we understand the urgent need to slow and stop this disease.

One of ALS TDI’s slogans is this: “ALS is not an incurable disease , it is and underfunded one.” I tend to agree with that. It makes good sense, and it gives me hope for the next generation.






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