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Hey there Blong Peeps !
I meant to post this March 1st, several days before I left to visit my BFF Blanchie Simon in Long Beach, but oops, I didn’t it. Here it is in all its glorious belated-ness. I promise to Blong and post phonetos of my LB experience soon ! Really, I promise.

Yesterday when Linda came back inside with the mail, she was carrying a visually loud Monster Truck pile of letters, packets, packages, postcards and bills. I mean it was huge – the first phoneto shows just a small part of my mail.

The first envelope I opened was from Sutter Health with a bill for $10.33 from June 2015. What for ? Um, oxygen equipment and a Sutter Visiting Nurse from Hospice. Huh ?! Did I die but forget to leave ?

Oh, I see, since I was dead they just held onto my mail, including some great deals from Davis Ace that expired in August, several charitable organizations that would like more money from me, a birthday card ( November ) with $20 cash, Christmas cards from family and a wonderful, touching homemade -with- love Christmas gift from a woman, Karen, whose beloved brother died from ALS.

This gift is the focus of my phonetos. Geez, Karen put all this loving energy into making this gift and she hand-wrote ( in cursive ) a truly heartfelt letter to me, but she never heard a peep from me. PEEP, PEEP, PEEP ! Karen, please hear my PEEP !

She explained in the letter that we’ve never officially met, but she has attended a couple of our SPECKtacular Skydiving FUNdraisers for ALS at Skydance on the Yolo County Airport.

She explained that she and her family are cattle ranchers in the Woodland area and that she made me a leather heart because: “you represent the unspoken-cowgirl-spirit of strength, courage , faith, love and laughter.”

Holy Sheeyat ! That is soooooo kind ! I am so humbled. She’s so nice ! Sheeyat ! Losing her brother to ALS was clearly so difficult for her – he sounds like he was a 100% great guy and a loving brother.

So. Here we are. This is what happens in life and in death ( gosh darn post office mix-up.)
I will contact Karen personally and I’d like to sit down to thank her, talk with her and to listen with her. Of course I’ll also invite her to the ALS Skydiving event May 14th. ( All y’all are invited to that and tell your friends.)

This is another reminder about being grateful and acknowledging gifts of all kinds. And, for me, when I actually do die, I’ll make sure to leave instructions telling the post office what to do.

Thank you Karen for the Leather Heart Gift ! And thank you Elizabeth Davidson for the $ 20 birthday gift, and to all of you who sent holiday cards, “Seasons’ Greetings !” It’s always some season ! Thank you, thank you, all of you.

( Oh yeah, the even weirder thing is, since June 2015, we still received most of our usual mail, you know, lots ‘n lots of medical bills, PG&E, ALS stuff, but this other pile of mail was “found in unused equipment.” Harrumph ! )

March 16th
Trish Timothy, my dear friend since high school, is my connection to Karen Stone and she coordinated a lunch date for the three of us next week. How absolutely wonderful ! I’ll tell you all about it later…

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