Happy VD! Or the Happy Sexually Transmitted Disease of Your Choice!

Preface: I don’t have a “ghost writer” named Laura. This is all me. Laura is Laura K Marsh, PhD, my ” Blong Master,” which means she posts my stuff. Without her, there’d be no Blong.

If you’re new, or have forgotten, I call it my Blong because I used to be a performing singer/songwriter and now I’m a blogger: blog + song = Blong. That’s ” old math.”
Ennyhoo, here ya’ go :

Season’s Greetings dear Blong peeps – it’s always some season, right ? It sure feels like Spring here Davis, CA.

I’m so sorry I’ve been inattentive and I have no good. excuse. Hmm,maybe it’s like when you have one of those friends you don’t see for five or six years , but when you get together the friendship is as strong as ever. Maybe ?
I hope it feels that way for you.

Today was a Love Fest ! Yes, yes, everyday is a Love Fest when we let it happen, but every cell in my body feels energized with Love.

So many reasons, so very many myriad reasons to feel loving and loved. Let’s, see, let me count the ways: one, two, three, fifty-six, ninety -three. I’m getting tired of counting.

John Philip Newell’s sermon at the Davis Community Church this morning fueled my fire, my “hunk a hunk a burnin’ love.” But really, my soul friend Jennifer Terra picked me up for church and gave me a helium Valentine’s Balloon, and I think you all know how much I love helium…..

Ennyhoo, after church we went to a brand new restaurant on D st in downtown Davis called Winds of Change, and it was FABulous. I actually ATE my food !
Oh yeah , some other super special folks made church this morning even more SPECKtacular :
Mary Lynn Tobin, Stephen Brewer, Chris Neufeld-Erdman, Bill Habicht, John Evans, Deborah Jory, Bob & Karen Johnson, Leo Sacramento, Elisa Stone, JoAnn Diehl, Audrey Lippmann, Bob Shulz, Molly and Sandy Carey….oh geez, way too many, can’t count anymore.

Love love love ! Mazie and I went on a lovely Spring photo-triking adventure after lunch. She brought home some beautiful flowers for Linda…

Feb 13, 2016

Jennifer Terra took the photo of me holding hands with her Mom, Carroll Terra at a presentation/spiritual experience led by an enlightened, true man of God’s love , John Philip Newell at the DCC Saturday morning. I was so moved, so deeply transformed after listening to his every word, every breath he took between words….Uh, um, I can’t put my feeling into words right now.

However, last evening, when I took Mazie out for a photo-triking adventure, God/Mother Nature presented these sights /experiences to me. I don’t need words to explain the beauty and truth of these gifts that are always there, just waiting for us to open our hearts and eyes…

( I suggest you “google” John Philip Newell, a Celtic Mystic, if you wanna get an idea why I’m so “on fire” with Love. )







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