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Howdy doody my precious Blong Peeps ! I told you I’d be better about a writing and posting in my Blong, so here ya go:

After I was selected to speak at the TEDxUCDavis event my fingers were flying all over my iPad and my fingers were stumbling around with my Bic pen on scraps of paper whenever I had a good idea. Well, after four re-writes some of the ideas proved to be good.

What I’m sharing with you now are some of the notes I wrote to myself. Unlike my other speaking presentations where I sit on a chair, open my mouth and let it talk for an hour or so,
at TEDx talks speakers are limited to 18 minutes. Auugghh, OMG, WTF, LOL, BTW, LGBT, WXYG, LMNOP and ZIPPITY doo dah! Chatty Cathy talk for a mere 18 minutes? Truly this is one of the most challenging …uh, um, urr…yeah, that.
Okay here are my notes- it’s kinda like letting you read my diary. I trust you:

I spent a lot of time at the Varsity theater when I was growing up ind Davis on Oa k avenue. The neighbit rood kids sometimes trow of my sisters would ride our bikes – no helmets back then, and bike lanes hadn’t graced our streets yet. During the summer they had Wednesday matinees for kids first a cartoon with bugs bunny , the roadrunner, Elmer fud, double feature ,usually at least one shoot em cowby movie. The Swiss family Robinson, The Love Bug, The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, original Parent Trap. Patty Dike duke.

Before the movie we.d run across the s fret to Quesseberry drug store and buy gobs of candy and stuff it in our pockets and sit and eat candy for over four hours. Life was good. It was great. I had a great childhood, . Not that it was purrrfcet. so many kids wild n free , we were encojraged to be creative.

And we were free -range , no GMO s back then. We had a big funhouse where ll the friends liked to hang out, dad was at work on .campus, and I knew my mom ws the most wonderful mom in the world. She was warm, open, generous,patient, oh so patient, she had enough love for everyone. Her smile could cure my stomachs aches and her round warm hug made me feel like I’d be loved forever. I bet there were mny people who felt the same way.

Here I am in this moment how did it get here – well I didn’t ride my bike but if I did I would wear a proper helmet to make good example for our youth and .baloney. I ride a trike without a helmet, hook pull me off stage ?

I bet more people than you think have been touched by ALS , affected by your boss sister, or your friends uncle, maybe your own mom or dad – but they don’t talk about it cuz it’s too darn hard. If you truly haven’t. Been touched, I will personally come touch your shoulder, after the event is over…I’ll even give you a little peck on the the cheek if you want $1 goes to Better Days the ALS Documentary. Nadine El Khoury, writer, producer , director using Duval Speck music in trailer and film. How to raise more money to help her/ project.




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