Caroling with Cathy [and more stuff]

At this very moment, no…this one..akkk , so,now ! Grrr, it’s gonna be too hard to stay in “this moment” but I’ll give it the”good ol’ College Drop Out try.”

Right now, Linda, Mazie and I are staying in the Super 8 Motel in Willets,Ca, and it really is super ! We have a handicap bathroom and it is fantastic. I’m dead serious!    We’re on our way up to Northern ,northern California into the Tsunami territory of Crescent visit with my big sister Barb and her wonderful hubby Eric.

However, a soon as I return I’ll be preparing our 20th Annual  “Cathy & Friends” caroling at local Convalescent Home

Maybe we could also bring treats & songs to some homeless homes, or if anyone knows of a particular family that is in need of some good cheer we’ll bring joy and chase away fear!.

Do you know anyone who would like to join us and/or needs some holiday hugs and happy humming?

Our day of merry & gay is Sat Dec 14th from 2 to 4pm .But really, we first meet here at the Duval Speck Luxury Suites for treats, drinks, funny hats and antler wings,lyric books and jingling things. Or maybe you’d like to be the the Little Drummer Boy, with your own little drum. (I have one if you don’t.)

Ennyhooo, I distracted myself. At at exactly 1:27-ish pm we gather at the Red, White & Green Glee Headquarters at 801 D st  # 3. (aka Duval Speck Apt.)  Please come in thru the patio gate -the hallway inside the front door is filled with bulk oxygen equipment-oops. Look for pink flamingos and a patio oasis of ferns and winter flowers. At 2:01-ish, after we warm our voices and hearts, we car pool, caravan, and hop on some free-ranging reindeer in a glorious way to keep up the spirit of this fine day. As of this very this moment,hang on ..this is the moment…aarrghh ! At this brief history in time, we’ll be going to Courtyard on E 8th st, and Sierra Health Care on Pole Line Rd. Both of those venues are confirmed and they’re  in Davis.

I’ll hand out lyric booklets, but I’d love for others people to bring lyric sheets for songs they enjoy singing, some Hanukkah songs are much appreciated. If someone you know plays the flute, guitar, auto harp, or grand piano, promise them a good time, open their  and bring ’em along.

When we’ve finished warbling and tooting our own horns, , we gather back at Duval Speck Home of Glee HQ to snack some more, wet our whistles and talk about our adventures in the land of the lost candy canes, or candy walkers & wheelchairs.

And speaking of…I never dreamed that I would live long enough to continue this tradition–it must be all the love and support, cuz I sure couldn’t do this life alone. And I feel the prayers, healing thoughts and hands, and the hands..okay, now-that’s far enough

Oooh yess, if you bring some mistletoe, we might see some extra sparks in addition to the sparkling holiday decorations.(If you do bring some mistletoe, please be sure you clean off any of the bird poop that Mother Nature thinks is so funny. She’s been acting a little wacky lately–I’m a little bit worried. Maybe one of you can help me out and give her a tactful warning call .

Please invite anyone-they don’t need to sing or walk, they can smile, play little percussion toys, wear elf ears, dress up like Santa or some reindeer poop– it kinda looks like dark chocolate covered blue berries–maybe a whole bunch of little kids or little adults…All ages welcome, if you have a registered service animal, bring’em along. Mazie gets along with everyone as long as they all bow down to her Highness, the homeliest most  adorable monkey/Toto face in  A-mazie-land.

Call or text or email or FB me for more info or for no reason at all… ,   text 310-508-7401,  and good ol’ Facebook at Cathy Speck blah blah.

Cheers & chuckles,


PS I totally understand if you can only do half of it, ten minutes or if you’re just coming over for the mistletoe action…we want you with us ! This is not affiliated with any one particular church, boy scout troop, Avon Lady Mimosa Brigade, or election candidate. It’s us. We are One…We are one –  one smiley,diverse,loving, searching,learning, parting, beginning again, loving group whose sole soul intention is to share love and sprinkle unfiltered joy wherever we go.

PPS If you’d like to bring some treats to share like cookies,butterscotch brownies,Russian Tea Cakes, Mexican Wedding cake/cookies,or plain tofu shaped like a snow man or  snow trans. Perhaps you fancy some rum/brandy to spike the eggnog,or for hot toddies,hot buttered rum, hot apple cider…I am a recovering alcoholic (22 years) and I still know the short cut to holiday beer, oops, I mean cheer !  Baby Jesus is too young to drink, but before you know it, grown-up Jesus is gonna offer wine to the masses, pun intended.

Since that last sentence is gosh-darned tough act to follow, I’m gonna follow fingers right off the laptop keyboard over to s large plate with a unique blend of popcorn, candy corn, licorice all sorts, Swedish fish and sesame sticks. My fingers will dance happily and touch every yummy morsel; Mm, I love .”giving my body calories!”

Doctors’ orders. Yes, doctors-doctors -plural. .One neurologist said  to me–the first time he met me: “You  should be eating a half gallon of ice cream everyday.” And then he started looking out a surgery schedule to stick a feeding tube in me. I don’t really like ice cream. I’m not getting a feeding tube. And he refused to acknowledge Linda’s presence in the room. We fired him.

Holy smokes did I get lost on my path to Information Land.  Well, I’m pretty sure you got the most important stuff, and I’m pretty sure you’ll invite a friend or two .minder-kids are great for this, even if it scars them for life-it builds character.I’m living/dying proof.)

And here is the natural place to sign off or this evening/morning–whatever. It was 10 pm when I started typo-ing this  quick note and now it’s 1:43 am.  I haven’ “tagged” everyone in the photos, but now it’s  almost 2 am, Aarrghh ! How does this happen !?

I no longer remember the initial purpose of this email,  but that is okay, so very  okay.

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Cheers & chuckles,



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  1. Laddie Watson said:

    This is such an awesome piece of writing! So totally Cathy!! Hilarious and Amazing! I hope to make it to this grand Affair!

    Love and candy kisses, Laddie

  2. Ellen Pontac said:

    You said a whole lot there!

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