The Power of the Palooza

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Don’t know what a “Palooza’ is? Keep reading, so you, too, can be enlightened.

On Saturday Sept 25th, our ALS Walk Team, The Specktaculars put the FUN back in Fun-draiser at the Plainfield  Palooza Music Festival for ALS.

Way out in the cornfields between Davis and Woodland stands the Plainfield Station, a historical bar and grill. It has an amusing history, but that story can be told another day. Inside are handi-capable restrooms, a quirky bar, and yummy for the tummy food.

Behind the actual building, is a fantastic, inviting outdoor concert venue, with lush lawn seating, picnic tables and a great stage.

Of course, wherever there’s a stage, you can be sure that I, Cathy Speck, will be the first one to roll up the ramp, grab the microphone and start talking, singing or honking. Making a spectacle of myself.

Me me me.

Yes, I am a ham (coincidentally, my last name “Speck” is german, and means bacon or ham.) Ham I am. And this trait benefits  ALS Awareness and FUN-draising. Why do I insist on emphasizing fun? I imagine some people might shrink away when they hear of a benefit for ALS. Many folks have no idea what ALS is—American Laughter Society? And many folks who have experienced the ALS journey, never want to see/hear/feel about it again.

So, to draw crowds to our events, we need to let people know that raising funds for this disease can be FUN. We don’t have to focus on the dark side-the suffering of PALS and CALS and the inevitable death.

Our loves and lives are to be celebrated

Since ALSSAC and ALS research need money, and we all need to have fun, what can we do?! Hey kids, let’s put on a show! And that we did.

The Plainfield Palooza Musical Festival raised over $1,000 for the Walk to Defeat ALS. But more importantly, the event created an even stronger bond between people and communities who want to help find  the cause and cure of ALS .  This is part of the Power of the Palooza.

This “love glue” (that sounds nasty but please don’t take it that way) created an unending circle of the eager, generous ,loving, helpers and performers who made it happen. This powerful circle consisted of creators, producers, stage hands, sound engineers, promotional folks, writers, go-fers,local businesses , perfomers, and the unending list of passionate supporters.

The Specktaculars and their supporters offered their talent, skill and  and energy with no payment except the reward of knowing they are helping a serious cause while bringing joy and laughter to lighten the load.  Listing every single person who helped would make my fingers fall off. So, I’ll put out energy of gratefulness into the wind and hope all helpers will feel that tickle of this thankful breeze.

The Power of the Palooza?   “Palooza” is just a funny-sounding word that is a spin-off of an old concert tour called the Lollapalooza.

I think you know by now what the “power is.”  I call it unending love.

You can add to that power by supporting the performers (and The Plainfield Station0 as the circle goes ‘round and ‘round;

the Davis Wakamatsu Taiko Drummers, Sandy Coldiron and the Free Range Band, Sabrina McFall, the Gary Lee Yoder Band, Zapato Viejo, Duval Speck and the Essentials, and magician Trey Cromwell.

10-11-10  Cathy Speck

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