Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk

Hi all,

It is a glorious Monday morning, and I am filled with gratitude. What a wonderful weekend we had. First the ALS Walk on Saturday in Sackoftomatoes, then as a “specktator” while Linda rode in the Bike Ride for the Guinness World Record in Davis, followed by a spiritually- enriching outdoor service at the (gay-welcoming) Davis Community Church. Yowzahh! We had a gay ol’ time!

We had so much fun, and felt so much love this weekend that I could just POP!  But I’ll try not to pop ’cause it would just be another mess to clean up. Linda has been very busy, not only being a loving wife and caregiver, but setting up and tearing down for events, and cooking for me and our friends.  We feel so truly fortunate to have such compassionate and generous friends and family.

Here are some photos taken by my friend JoAnn Ronning. She’s from Minnesota, and recently re-located here to be with her daughter and her adorable granddaughter Anika.

JoAnn’s aunt Betty died of ALS after being diagnosed with it at age 35. She lived for 21 years. She “published ” a journal about her life. I think it should be shared with the ALS Association. Incredible! Betty was a “Rosie the Riveter” in WWII.

Anyhoo my dear friends….. keep the photos coming; I’d like to compile an ALS Walk 2010 Photo album.

Cheers and love,

Cathy  Speck

PS Our ALS Walk-A-Thong  team, The Specktaculars, raised well over $10,000, and we haven’t even finished turning in all them money/checks yet.

ALSSAC did a tremendous created a tremendous event. With so many balloons, we were almost “blown away!”  ha hah

Group of devoted ALS walkers 2 Oct 2010

Walking with Cathy

Cathy cruisin' for a cause with Harold

JoAnn Ronning and Cathy

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