Holy Cats! Bad dog!

This is the latest installment of the Pit Bull attack that happened Thursday May 20th (scroll down for the full story).

Read on for another adventurous journey with Cathy & Her Walker.

Written by Cathy Sat mornin’ May twenty tooth, 2010:

Thanks for your compassion. I’m still really sore for the abrasions and cuts, but other than that okay. Kind of wiped out from the adrenalin rush and exertion of diving under a parked car and holding onto the back  legs of a vicious pit bull. Mazie seems better. We got the X-ray results back from Mazie’s  radiologist. He didn’t see any structural damage. But xrays can’t indicate soft tissue or organ injuries. The only way to do that is by MRI, which would include anesthesia at least $ 1,000 or more for testing, results, blah blh. She is perkier, but still a bit tender and skittish. She has jumped up onto my lap twice. That’s a good sign. I know this was very traumatic for April too, so any thank you emails to her would be most welcome: <aprilkamen@yahoo.com>

Now I have to tell the man he needs to compensate us for the $375.25 vet bill, and I’ll also have to report this to Animal Control. grrrrr. I do not like this shtuff.

Anywhoooo, the super great news is, we have a fun/dance/concert outdoors in downtown Davis this Friday at the E St Plaza in beautiful downtown Davis form 7 to 9pm. It’s free, fun & fabulous! All ages. Lots of prizes!

And on June 4th, fro 6 t 8pm we’re putting on an ALS Benefit Cabaret/comedy/variety show in Central Park (4th & C St) in Davis. I’ll be co-Emcee, Linda is sound engineer and stage manager, and of course, Duval Speck will perform some Broadway and other jazzy tunes.

Written by Cathy Friday May 21, 2010:

Hi all, last night after I took off all my parts, ha ha,  underneath my hand/arm braces, knee brace, and shirts, I discovered all the places that were not bleeding, but bruised and swollen. Thanks John for doing the bloody work for me. As you said, I am way more sore today than I was yesterday.

We are waiting to hear back from the radiologist re: Mazie. The vet was concerned about her back and rear legs. She hasn’t been able to jump yet. Linda just took her out for a short walk.  Mazie started shaking like crazy. Obviously puppy PTSD.

She (Mazie, not Linda) was really skittish last night, and growled at every noise she heard. That is SOOOO unlike her. We ‘re hoping for physical and emotional recovery. And for April too!

I’m sore, stiff, and still dying, so it’s not big deal for me. I just want Mazie to be okay so Linda can have a longtime companion.

I’ll be at work by 11:30 today (and yes I am walking, but NOT near that house).

If I don’t keep moving, well, that is very bad for me.


Cathy Master of Pit Bullfighting.

Written by Cathy Thursday afternoon May 20, 2010:

Howdy all, not great news right now….

Our friend April (Oink) and I were walking Mazie and got attacked by a pit bull /boxer who was not on a leash and bounded through an open wrought iron fence. It’s all kind of a blur…

So let’s see, where to begin…?

I just got bandaged up blood, scrapes, bruises (First Aid, no internal injuries I know of so far). John Dailey from the Co-op rushed over to our apartment to do give me the first aid treatment and some coconut juice.

Mazie isn’t bleeding, but I’m afraid maybe something internally may have gotten injured. We took her to the vet, and the Vet, examined her, took X-rays. She’s a bit concerned, especially because Mazie had been hit by a car before we adopted her. The radiologist will give us the results tomorrow.

I can barely recall what happened –it seemed like it lasted forever. The first thing I heard was this man yelling frantically, then I saw the BIG pit bull race by me and heading for Mazie and April.

Then I heard Mazie screaming/yelping, and the pit pull snarling like Satan. Then April tried to pick up Mazie, but as Mazie ran into the street trying to escape the pit bull, her leash had gotten stuck under the rear wheel of a parked car. So Mazie got yanked back to the ground. April was on the other side of the car, and she tried to crawl underneath to get Mazie.

I was on the sidewalk with my walker. I dove onto the sidewalk and crawled under the car to grab the pit bull’s hind legs and get him away from Mazie.  April, who weighs 86 pounds, was trying to help Mazie and get the leash unstuck.

It was pretty traumatic. There was screaming and snarling and I was yelling swearing like I’ve never sworn before. My weakened hands suddenly became strong enough to pull the pit bull away, and the owner grabbed him from me. Somehow I ended up in the bushes on my back. I called for April and Mazie. I just kept lying there ‘cause I wasn’t sure how hurt I was. I sat up a little, saw some blood, and decided not to move for awhile. Turns out I got some pretty bad scrapes on my left knee and right elbow. My right knee was protected by my knee brace. Both my hands and my wrists were protected by my arm braces. I’m starting to ache more now. This all happened at 1:10, and needless to say, I did not go to work.

I can tell I’m gonna see some bruising tomorrow, but I’m mostly worried about Mazie. She was so traumatized. April is okay. She was wearing long pants & long sleeved fuzzy shirt, and the pit bull didn’t get to her. But it was traumatic for her too.

We had to leave a note for Linda and take Mazie to the Vet. Linda got the Vet while we  were in the exam room.

The owner apologized profusely. I said as far as I’m concerned I was okay, and it didn’t matter to me because I’m dying anyway. But I did NOT want anything to happen to Mazie.

I called him after we got back from the vet and told him the Vet bill so far was $375. He didn’t sound too happy. But he promised to pay (before we went to the vet), so we’ll see.

He’s a yoga instructor in Davis. He walked us home. And when he said goodbye, I hugged him and he cried and cried and cried and apologized and cried some more, and then he apologized for crying.

Linda and I are both very concerned about Mazie. I hope she’s back her normal monkey -face girl soon.

I plan on going back to work tomorrow. Right now I need to eat some soup, sit in my recliner and watch a comedy on TV.

Love, Cathy the Toothless Pit Bull Conquistador

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  1. Debra Knight said:

    A yoga instructor with a pit bull? Seems weird, almost schizophrenic. Did he pay the vet bill? I hope so.

    Maybe this is harsh, but I think that dog should be put down. It is obviously capable of unprovoked attack and that is not a chance I want to take simply for walking down a street in my town.

    What happened to the pit bull? I would strongly recommend making a police report. We’ve all heard those cases where a pit bull kills or maims someone and the owner expresses shock, saying the dog was never aggressive before. I’m suspicious of those claims. Anyway, I’m a big believer in documentation, in paper trails, etc.

    I think Mazie would feel better if she knew her attacker was gone — permanently.

  2. Debra Knight said:

    Oh, I see you did report to animal control. Good for you. Yes, my reading comprehension sucks sometimes. I skim.

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